Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sandra Crisps' Tales from the Desktop, net_art review (Further Field)

Tales from the Desktop provides a unique view of global climate change within a three dimensional space that mimics our own realities. Rectangles and squares bouncing with images upon, behind and within them move about the screen like a puzzle or mosaic delivering multimedia and interactivity. These shapes and images remind me of the conservative rectangles that dot the horizon along our earths shores. Overlapping angular shapes moving through space trying to define and comment on the globe, our tiny sphere, an interesting irony.

Nature is reflected through the use of colors, and colors are defined by the included spectrum of light, which is of it's self, the reflected light of the colors used. A nice perceptive touch to a simply complex statement. The text floating through the open spaces, or through the layers, popping in and out of existence just like the species of the earth.

Everyday icons from a desktop environment included perhaps to give you a sense of the three dimensional perspective of this global problem and of issue at hand. Peaceful sounds of birds and natures simple pleasures smooth the sharp conservative edges of realities spoken word. The use of video clips with everyday practice, or natural beauties spaciously placed to distract your eyes is a creative way to make the piece more playful.

Pictures rendered inside squares, spinning in the empty three dimensional space of the desktop lets us worry about their fragile ecosystem. Existing in Tales from the Desktop is an abstract form of nature and our world. The animations of simple objects like the wind mill with text floating by it suggest it is a symbol of the climate, weather, wind.

The political commentary and messages suggest a current dissatisfaction in the way humans and government are dealing with global climate changes, and natural disasters. This piece has a subtle but powerful message, especially in the wake of the tsunami of 05'.